Goals for 2016

I saw a lot of people wrote down their goals for the next year and I thought it’d be nice to put mine down, too. I’ve tried to keep my list as realistic as possible, but also ambitious of course! I also want to really try and make some planning for what things I’ll be studying art wise each month, I might be posting that in the next few weeks too!

I also want to start thinking of a long list of posts I could write for this blog, so I can keep writing things down and hopefully encourage people(and myself) to do more art! Oh well, here’s my very ambitious list of goals for 2016:

  1. Study painting in Photoshop
  2. Catch up on Oatley Academy Live (now Storytellers Summit) lectures
  3. Study anatomy
  4. Work on my personal project (concept art + story)
  5. Learn to paint environments
  6. (Learn to) do more frame by frame animation
  7. Get better at 3D modeling (maybe start learning rigging)
  8. Do something creative everyday (drawing, painting, knitting, crocheting…)

Ok, so it’s still a pretty big list… I keep making lists like these every year and I’m glad if I get to do about half of them. I’ll hopefully be graduating in April which means I’m fairly busy until then, but I still have lots of evenings and weekends so I can definitely work on this list then! My graduation is the priority right now though and after that probably finding a job. Oh well.. we’ll see how this year will work out, I hope it’ll be great!!

I hope everyone is having a great time this new year! Let me know what your goals are and how you plan on achieving them! 🙂 I’ve been working hard on staying creative and started learning how to knit last weekend, it’s been fun and I have lots of knitting projects I want to do in the future!

Until next time!

2015: summarised

I wanted to look back at my last full year of college. So much has happened, so many good things, a few bad things, but I can only think of good things that have happened. My years haven’t been filled with as much art as 2015 has been yet and it feels good, satisfying. It makes my heart jump a little bit of happiness. And I know that there are people who support me in my dreams, which makes it all the more worth it. So.. here’s what I did in 2015!

I lived on my own for a semester
It meant meeting new people, living in a house with 4 total strangers, making a new friend (who was also my housemate plus classmate) and feeling lost. Especially the first few days were hard, but it was in that particular house I started doing Oatley Academy Live (now Storytellers Summit) and where I started working on drawing (almost) every day.

I expanded my art/animation book library
With the help of some friends, or well… family mostly, and a job, I’ve been getting some books to help me become the person I want to be. Books like “Creativity inc.” to become motivated, art of books to get inspiration, “Anatomy for the artist” to get more knowledge and books like “Save the cat” to work on my screenwriting and storytelling skills for my personal project.

I started drawing regularly 
REGULARLY! Really! WHAT?! Ohmy, I’m so happy that this has been accomplished. I finished 5,5 sketchbooks! Before this year I never even finished a sketchbook. Though, for as long as I’ve known being an artist is a thing you can have as a job, it’s been at the back of my mind to become one. Most of the times I did something else because I stupidly forgot about it. I mean, I started college studying to become a social worker more than 5 years ago and I wanted to become a writer for a while. This year I’ll be graduating (hopefully) as a multimedia designer, which is awesome! But I want to become an artist and I won’t rest until I am. Maybe do concept art, some animation projects (I have way too many ideas), I don’t know! But working with colors, composition, characters, brushes, pencils, the whole lot, it’s what I love and still don’t do enough.

I worked on some illustrations
A first! At least to work on several of them, almost all of them portraits but who cares? I’ve been really putting in my hours (at least, compared to other years), and it could definitely be more, especially when I graduate and hopefully get a better schedule than now. I will definitely need a full time job when I graduate to be able to live together with my boyfriend (finally, and we’ll get a cat of course, within a month of getting our own place, I bet). But I hope it won’t be a long travel like my internship right now is (1,5 hours to get there!!!). That would mean more time in the evening, more rest, so more energy to get into my art mode and work it!

I met other artists online
I became friends with someone from Italy who I could talk art with for hours and hours. We have motivated each other during summer when I had nothing to do all day and it has definitely helped a lot. Plus it’s super fun to FINALLY have someone to talk art with, without a time limit, because you’re both so excited about that one thing. The forums on the Oatley Academy are also filled with such sweet and creative and talented artists, it’s amazing! I have some of them on Twitter where I sometimes comment (and try to get some art friends, ’cause you know, I must be desparate, lol).

I’ve become even more of a loner though (I didn’t know it was possible). I tend to spend more time on the internet and bent over my sketchbook trying to learn all the amazing things that I could one day be doing awesomely. My life now includes secretly avoiding social calls or avoiding asking friends to do stuff, which I didn’t do a lot already, so I should definitely to that more! There’s a whole new year for that, and hopefully a lot less stress than I’m anticipating for this year.

Happy new year everyone! May your days be filled with happiness and may you improve in your art (or whatever else you’re learning) greatly this year. It’s gonna be a great (and stressful) one, I just know it!

Topic weekly drawing challenge week 2: Noses

Next week we’ll be drawing  noses! We’ll be drawing 75 to 100 noses, whatever you feel comfortable doing (or is hard for you), the highest number is for if you really want to challenge yourself! I’ll keep adding some reference resources to the next part of this post during this weekend. It’s a busy one though, so I don’t know how many I’ll find in the time I have!

Nasophilia tumblr – http://nasophilia.tumblr.com/
Nose reference PDF – http://www.fivepencilmethod.com/reference/nose-reference.pdf

I’ll post an update on the hands I’ve drawn on tuesday. I’ve got some really busy days ahead so I won’t be able to post it on monday, sorry for that! I plan on painting one of them next week, too, to start practicing painting in Photoshop!

Let me know if you know more places to find ear references! Have a great weekend!

Turning my life around (kind of)!

So. It’s been a while. I’m sorry! School’s been really busy, especially the last week that I had school. I still had to do a whole assignment because I slacked during the 8 weeks before, woops! But still, those classes were just… sitting around doing nothing, so a small part is on the teacher, right? Haha! Next to my assignments I was looking for a place to do my graduation internship at and failed. This was a wake up call; my portfolio isn’t good enough for what I want to do after I graduate (animation/motion graphics). So hopefully I’m going to do some extra classes next semester (I’m waiting for approval, let’s hope it’s positive!) and find an awesome internship through the stuff I make then and during this summer break!

Friday was my last day  of school which means it’s summer break! So I have a lot of time on my hands to learn new things and become a better me. Which means I have some projects I want to do! One or more I’ve already talked about, but I didn’t have the time to do them. So I’m going to explain them (again)!

1. Do weekly drawing challenges
This means I have a list of things I want to draw better (which is actually everyting). Every week I’m going to exercise drawing one specific thing (and other things I feel like drawing). Next monday til sunday I’ll be drawing 100 hands. Beware! I have about 15 or so subjects I want to cover and that list is still growing, so there’s probably gonna be that many (or more) weeks of these challenges! So look out for that, because I hope to post about them every week.

2. Draw every day
The first thing practically makes me do this already, so I guess this is covered, haha! I’d love to practice more than one thing every week though! So I’ll definitely throw some gesture drawings and observational drawings in there from time to time.

3. Illustrate and animate at least one motion graphic
Since I want to get into the industry of motion graphics and explanimations this is obviously a must. Now I only have to find something to tell stuff about. Got any ideas? Let me know in a comment!

4. Illustrate and animate at least half of the ideas I have for GIFS
I’m in love with animations that keep repeating smoothly, and I plan on making some of those myself. I’ve got some projects I want to do, so to practice animating some more, I’m planning on making at least half of my ideas! (Including a series about interpretations and one about vehicles…)

5. Relax, read, spend time with the boyfriend
I think this is very important too, so I’m putting it out there. We might take a vacation for a few days and go to the beach to enjoy the time we have off. Especially since this will probably be our last long summer break! Also, I finally read a whole book in a few days again this week, and I missed that SO much the past year!!

6. Print and bookbind a plannerpassionplannerinstagram
I don’t really do the things I want to do when I don’t plan them and have them on paper. I live for  to do lists. So I really want a planner to plan the things I have to do! It’s really important to me that I do these things, so a planner is just as important as the doing. This weekend or next week I’ll try to print and bind a planner! I’ll use the Passion planner for anyone who wants to know, it’s awesome!!

7. Do hand lettering for the first time
I don’t want to only do things I’ve already been kind of doing. I want to go on an adventure and instill my love of typography into something. So I’ll be illustrating a motivational quote, which might motivate myself and others in turn, who knows? 🙂

A lot of plans! Still, I’m gonna say that I’m just going to do these things. No excuses. It’s crunch time and it’s so important to do these things now.

If you want to join me on my weekly challenges don’t hesitate to do so! And if you do, leave a comment that you’re joining me, I’d love to know!

Why I want to become an animator

Last year I finally found out what I wanted to do with my life and it’s a big dream: being an animator at a big studio. While reading “Drawn to Life” volume 1 (and other books) I found out why that is exactly. There are so many things that I love about it, and I’m gonna try to explain them.

1. Bringing scenes to life Animation is all about bringing characters and scenes to life. And the good thing is: as animator you get to decide how it’s done. It’s like playing God (I’m really grateful for Him btw!). You decide how characters express themselves. It’s such a great experience, working on a movement and then see your drawing or 3D model come to life! I’d love to have that experience every day of my life.

2. Being an actor without being on screen When I was younger I did a small theater class. It was in primary school and I absolutely loved it. Movies and tv show are a big part of my life and I love how people can crawl into someone else’s skin and make it believeable. I’d love to act, but I wouldn’t want to be on stage to do it, so what better than to be an animator?! You get to act without having to be shy or being on stage. It’s perfect!

3. Extreme expressions How I love extreme expressions. I would love to do a whole study of them someday, just draw weird extreme expressions for a whole week, haha! Most animations have extreme expressions and mostly I’m in love with them, so yeah, definitely a plus!

There are a lot of things I love about animation that I’m not mentioning here. This is just a short list of a few things that make me want to be an animator. I’ll definitely try to get to that point someday, no matter how long it takes. Have a great morning/afternoon/night wherever you are, hope to talk to you soon!

Things I’ve done lately

Life has been busy… I guess… I have been looking for companies to try and get an internship at and about three weeks ago I had some things to hand in and a really difficult test! That’s when I stopped drawing daily, which is a huge shame, because I was doing really well.

I have been trying really hard to find time to make new stuff to put in my portfolio. Which means I’ve been animating (mainly in After Effects). My last animation included a bike and some creature, which you can see below.

I really want to pick up the daily drawing thing again, because I really felt like I was progressing for the first time ever, and I love that feeling! Well… first I’m gonna spend this week e-mailing tons of companies in the hopes I’ll get an internship to graduate at, wish me luck!

Have an awesome day, until next time!

Weekly studies

IMG_9482Last weekend I found a tumblr called “artveg”. It’s a place where someone posted prompts to do during the week. Mostly things like: “draw 100 hands” or “draw 15 bikes”. The artists that participated had to finish the prompt of that week in 7 days. I love that idea and decided I want to do the same thing. I’ll be starting next week. I just started a new sketchbook today so I thought it would be a great idea to do that. The admin of the blog doesn’t post anymore, but that doesn’t mean I can do those prompts and think of some myself!! And I have more plans for every week! Since I really want to improve not just my drawing skills but also my digital painting skills (I actually only painted digitally 2 times before now), I decided to do more things. Every week I will digitally paint a drawing I drew the week before. I also want to do some 3D modeling, I don’t care how much I do that in a week, but I have to spend at least a few hours a week on my 3D skills to improve. In between all the drawings of one subject for the week, I also want to get through “The Vilppu Drawing Manual”. If I do all of this every week I’m sure I will improve a lot and hopefully see it in a short amount of time! I’m super motivated right now (also thanks to the PaperWings Show and Artcast, check them out!!) so I think I can actually spend some time on it and do it. Especially if I don’t have a lot of homework for school! I will probably post my progress once every week or two weeks. It’ll be hard to keep up on all of this, though, and I won’t punish myself if I don’t get to do everything in some of the weeks. That’s what happens and everyone has those moments. I finished almost a whole sketchbook in March and that was a big accomplishment for me already!!